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Our Services

Our unique and unparalleled understanding of both the modern construction industry and advances of modern marketing has given us an unrivaled advantage in our service design offerings.


All our service offerings are tailored to your objectives as a business owner in the construction sector -


To scale, achieve, and earn more from your business.

Our Expertise

We believe our business is only as good as its team. We invest heavily into the personal and professional development of our team to make sure we remain ahead of the curve.

Our prospects and clients are rewarded with tailored information and guidance that suits the purpose of developing their construction business to scale to new targets.

Each member of our team has a unique talent to offer your business and to present you with flexible options.

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Our Careers

We take great pride and interest in developing our people both in a personal and professional capacity.


At SJP Consultancy you’ll join an ambitious team committed to making a difference to the modern construction industry.

If you are willing to bring your enthusiasm and determination, we will help you realise your inner potential and creativity into one of the worlds most dynamic sectors.

Our Insights

We strive to be in the business of providing value to firms in the construction industry regardless of their scope and size. Large or small, local or global.

We at SJP Consultancy update our social media and our blogs on a regular basis so that we maintain our momentum in remaining the leading construction marketing consultancy in Ireland, and abroad.

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