CSR Policy

In Short, SJP Consultancy's CSR Mission refers to implementing some of our specialist services for free on a voluntary basis, to select parties. 

SJP Consultancy cares about personal and group development of a common goal to make the construction industry a better place. The construction industry can become a better place to learn, to work, to network, and to be informed about these messages.

If you are a non-profit body, You can avail of many specialist services for free or cost value here at


In Order to Qualify, your non-profit organisation must fall into any one of the following categories:

  • Education (College Societies, Professional Bodies, Trade Unions)

  • Charitable (Housing associations, Benevolent funds)

  • Networking (Men's Sheds, Professional Bodies etc.)

  • Informative Body (Industrial Standards Regulators, Neighbourhood Associations)

While also Qualifying based upon the above criteria, there must also be:

  • No Political intent (announcements of public AGMs Permitted but no favour to any party will be given)

  • No Broadcasting or Advertising of Trade Union Action or favours will receive assistance (to maintain organisational neutrality and to ensure fair industrial democracy)

While also qualifying based upon the above criteria, you must also be recognized as:

  • A legally registered Non-profit entity

  • A construction or real estate related entity

  • Having the ability to produce minutes, balance sheets and other relevant information

Due to the current scope of SJP Consultancy's resources, it is only possible to take on two clients Pro Bono per year.