Marketing Ethics

Having ethics in marketing practices is in the best interest of SJP Consultancy as a business entity. 


Ethics, by definition, is an unspoken set of values and morals that vary from person to person, business to business.

By extension, SJP Consultancy live by a tailored code of ethics when it applies to its business conduct, He also ensures his team of contractors are qualified based on their ethics, and their abilities to ensure sound delivery.

In articulation of the Code of Ethics for SJP Consultancy, we identified 3 core values which we incorporate to protect our clients, to protect the users of digital platforms and to protect ourselves as a limited liability company.

These values are:

  • Utility - The assurance to our clients, that they are getting great value for money, better delivery of projects on time.

  • Privacy - The assurance to any digital users of digital platforms that see my advertisements or the advertisements of our clients to have the option to  to opt out of receiving them and to ensure their security to privacy, and the assurance to our clients that they are entitled to keep your agreement with SJP Consultancy private from other third parties.

  • Honesty - The assurance to our clients, that SJP Consultancy is completely transparent with their current marketing situation and it is in our professional interests to advise and consult the relevant party of suitable marketing options.